I am a self taught watercolour artist and have been drawing and painting since 2008.

I began, with as set of watercolour pencils, a couple of brushes, some cheap paper and a lot of enthusiasm.

After a couple of frustrating years with student watercolours, I slowly changed to Professional grade pigments, I began to see some improvement but still found that I was struggling more with this medium than I felt I should have been. I had been using mediocre quality sketchbooks in order to practice with and the difficulty to achieve any decent results, both with washes or vibrancy persisted, so again I upgraded to some better quality pads of acid free 100% cellulose paper because at that time cotton paper sketchbooks were so expensive and not very plentiful, especially to practice with.

I decided to try and source an alternative. I experimented with a variety of watercolour papers, both cellulose , Cotton mix and 100% Cotton papers. However with a little persistence I found two excellent quality papers. One, a 60% rich cotton mix and the other a 100% cotton paper, which I believe would satisfy the demands of both professionals and amateur watercolourists alike.

So my aim was simple, try to create a very good quality, bound watercolour journal that would stand the test of use and time, with the best priced quality materials available, a sketchbook I would be thrilled to use, and not so expensive that it would break the bank.

A Sketchbook conceived and made by an artist for artists…

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